Marc Meunier

Marc Meunier instructs the following:
  • Group Weights
  • Aerobic Power’s strength training program begins by improving an athlete’s range of motion through the practice of key movements. We then want to make sure that there is some Symmetry in the athlete. We only stroke in the pool with 1 arm at a time, push our pedals 1 leg at a time and land on 1 foot at a time when running. Lack of Symmetry will create the need for compensation by one side over the other and eventual injury. When an athlete improves these areas, they can then begin to work on their General Strength. Following some General Strength training, an athlete will then shift to more Specific Strength work where we try to mimic movements of the swimming, biking and running with added resistance. Finally moving into early spring time, the athlete can safely and successfully focus on the development of specific Power or Speed training for their sports.