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Group Training Programs


Utilizing the robust CompuTrainer hardware and the latest in cycling software, Perf Pro, cyclists will receive instantaneous workout feedback as well as copies of their workout files in order to better log and monitor their own progress over the winter. Through on site coaching and detailed workout feedback, each athlete is able to complete the most individualized and quantitative workouts on a weekly basis. Workouts will be designed based on your personalized testing and specific phases of training to ensure optimal training effect.

**BEGINNING MAY 1** - Classes run on Mondays at 6am, and/or Tuesdays at 9:15am, noon, and 6pm.
Please email coach Kevin to let him know which class you are interested in.

Computrainer 1x/wk - $130/month
Computrainer 2x/wk - $240/month


Aerobic Power’s Sunday morning INFORMAL group rides provide an opportunity to find riders of similar abilities and goals to ride with weekly. Suggested routes and distances are provided but rides are self guided. Rides range from 2 hours upwards. Rides start at 10am in the early season (May), and drop to 9am once the weather gets warmer. 



INDOOR SUNDAY BIKE - November to April

Aerobic Power’s Sunday morning group rides provide all the benefits of riding with a big support team. Workouts are guided by a professional cycling coach who is there to ensure riders are learning the best cycling techniques while testing their limits through detailed goal orientated workouts. Workouts range from 60 minutes upwards to 2 hours. 

Class runs on Sunday mornings at 9am - **Last session on April 30**

Indoor Sunday Bike - $75/month



These coaches rides will run weekly beginning in May. Locations allow for access to riding outside of the city traffic. Meeting spots vary depending on workout plan with the common spots being: Summerside, Terwilliger Rec Center & less frequently we will start from an area on outskirts of St.Albert like Villeneuve Airport. Thursday workouts try to utilize locations that lend themselves to warming up together with a ride out before sending riders off in  their ability levels to complete the designed workout at their speeds. Once the workout is complete riders will regroup to ride back into town together.

Class runs on Thursday evening at 6:30pm
4 months - May to August $200+gst

**If you purchased a full 2017 Aerobic Power cycling kit, receive 50% off our Thursday Night Rides. Contact us for your discount code**


Thursday morning Computrainer at 9:15 am will transition into a coached outdoor group ride workout. Learn individual bike handling skills, group ride skills,  group ride safety and etiquette while being put through some tough, hill, sprint and other progressively planned bike workouts.

Class runs on Thursday mornings from 9:15am - 10:45am
Limited to 12 spots.
Cost: $100+gst/month



OUTDOOR TRACK - May to September

Aerobic Power’s track run training has become one of its most popular group training workouts. Our spring/summer training is done at the Scona Track. The spring/summer programming is specifically designed to teach, condition and then specifically train the runner.
Weekly Coached Track Workouts will include:
     -Run Technique Review
     -Progressively planned track sessions that will cater to each specific ability level and race distance.

Class runs on Wednesday mornings at 6am

Monthly Track - $80/month



Aerobic Power’s strength training program begins by improving an athlete’s range of motion through the practice of key movements. We then want to make sure that there is some Symmetry in the athlete. We only stroke in the pool with 1 arm at a time, push our pedals 1 leg at a time and land on 1 foot at a time when running. Lack of Symmetry will create the need for compensation by one side over the other and eventual injury. When an athlete improves these areas, they can then begin to work on their General Strength. Following some General Strength training, an athlete will then shift to more Specific Strength work where we try to mimic movements of the swimming, biking and running with added resistance. Finally moving into early spring time, the athlete can safely and successfully focus on the development of specific Power or Speed training for their sports.

Classes run on Monday evenings at 6pm and/or Thursday mornings at 6:30am

Group Weights 1x/wk - $120/month
Group Weights 2x/wk - $200/month



Aerobic Power's swim program will allow you to learn and develop proper swim mechanics, technique and confidence for tackling the swim leg in a triathlon. Our coaches will help you to build strength in the water, improve your aerobic endurance and threshold speed by training with a purpose. Additionally, you will learn new drills, develop a more powerful kick, and a better body position in the water, all while having fun in a group environment. What are you waiting for - now's the time to improve your swim!

Sessions TBA

Email Head Coach Kevin Masters at to discuss your training plans and he'll help pick the programs that are right for you!