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9/6 6pm Iron 101

9/7 9am HIIT

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9/8 Bootcamp 

9/9 CrossFit Level1

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9/13 Couch to Iron

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Friday HIIT

This Month

9/17 Womens Bootcamp

9/29 Outdoor Burpees


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10/5 Warrior Training

10/25 Kickboxing

What's New at

September is a month for transition and an awakening from the lazy days of summer. It's a time when many of our members return to the gym after a season of outdoor sports or renew their appetite for fitness when the new school year creates some much-needed 'me time.' Whatever your reason for stepping back through the doors of Iron, welcome home!

We're kicking off fall with a fresh take on all of your favorite group exercise classes and the arrival of some new equipment that we're psyched for you to check out! From Crossfit to high-intensity bootcamp classes, Iron has a class with your name all over it. This is your training gym. How will you use your membership this month?

Ladies First!

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu encouraged, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And if the new routine you have been visualizing includes a working out every day, the first step in your journey should be signing up for a structured fitness program like Bootcamp, CrossFit, or Kickboxing. Our Womens' Fitness and self defense workshop begins on 9/12. Enjoy UNLIMITED access to the training center for just $120/month. Learn more here!

A Fresh Start

As adults, we are not privy to the annual renewal that comes with the turning of pages in the school calendar. We work, we parent, we participate in community. We trudge on! And if we don't stop, reevaluate, and clear out the clutter every now and then, we deny ourselves a fresh new beginning. Want to seize your opportunity? Sign up for a one-on-one health consultation with a personal trainer and plot your course for success today!

Spartan Training Course

You are NOT going to want to miss this. The folks at Iron have been working hard for two months and are ready to unveil the ultimate in outdoor training courses: The Iron Mud Run. This four-mile loop will bring you into the river, over a ropes course, under barbed wire, and to the edge of your limits. Want in? Sign up for the a mud run training course today and get psyched for next month's Spartan.