Aerobic Power Personal Training





The ultimate in individualized programming and coaching comes from a 1 on 1 program. We will determine the appropriate frequency of training needed to best achieve your health, performance, and fitness goals. You will explore all the available training modalities in our brand new facility to maximize your enjoyment and results. For most, a minimum of 1 session/week is advised with 2-3 being optimal.





Partner based training is very effective and still allows a high level of individualization of programming. This is one of the most popular personal training options as it provides added motivation for many (competitive spirit kicks in!) and provides maximum value for your fitness dollar!






Book an individual one on one assessment (test protocol subject to goals and current level of fitness). Following your assessment and goals review, a program will be built specifically for you to be completed on your own following the guidelines laid out by the trainer. In order for continued success program variables must be adjusted at least every 4 weeks if not sooner, so we require a 3 month minimum commitment to the program through the purchase of 3 individual 1 on1 training sessions for reassessments and program adjustments.